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Why Lease

Advantages of Leasing for Government Agencies

  • Flexibility in Lease Terms:
    Most departments do annual payments, but we have available monthly, quarterly and semi-annually. We can also do payment deferrals on a case by case basis.
  • No Prepayment fees:
    If you choose to pay off your vehicle early, there will be no penalty for early buy-outs.
  • Non-Appropriation Clause:
    This specifies that the lease may be terminated in the event funds are not available in subsequent fiscal years.
  • Ownership Plan:
    A Municipal Leasing can be a 3, 4, or 5 year program. After completing the payment schedule, you will own the equipment.
  • Vendors:
    You may use multiple vendors to furnish equipment under a single lease agreement.
  • Low Interest Rates:
    Municipal Agencies can obtain interest rates at a lower rate than commercial financing. This puts money in your pocket.
  • No Bonds Needed:
    Skip the lengthy and expensive process of issuing bonds for needed equipment.
  • No Balloon Payment or Residual Payment at completion.

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